Sayyada Khadija is a truly inspirational personality!  She is one of the best role models we can have!

If we look at the life of Sayyada Khadija, we notice that she lived during the times when women were mistreated in the society, however, she appeared to be one of the women all men respected!  She was a business woman who managed a very successful business.  She earned herself the title of “Tahera”!  She used her wealth to help the needy and the poor.

Sayyada Khadija was extremely affluent and many wealthy men offered to marry her, but she chose to marry Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).  She saw in Prophet Muhammad honesty and integrity which is far more important than wealth!

Once married to the Prophet, Sayyada Khadija displayed extreme affection and respect towards the Prophet.  When the Prophet (pbuh) would go to the Cave of Hira to meditate, she’d visit him and take him food. 

She was the first person to accept the message of Islam!  She recognized the truth and stood by the Prophet (pbuh) in the face of all difficulties.  The Arab ladies cut off all social relationships with her but that did not weaken her stand.  Allah rewarded her with Sayyada Fatema (a.s.)!

When the Muslims were boycotted, she shared her wealth with the muslims.  She endured the hardships of living in the valley without any complaints.

The Prophet (pbuh) was extremely upset when Sayyada Khadija.passed away.  He called the year of her death, which was also the year Hazrat Abdul Muttalib died, “A’mul Huzn” the year of sadness!