Degrees of Fasting!

According to Mirza Javad Agha Maliki Tabrizi (from the book Spiritual Journey of the Mystics) there are three types of fastings:

  1. The fasting of commons which is the renunciation of eating and drinking, and observance of other fasting requirements as described in the Books of Jurisprudence.

  2. The fasting of nobles, which in addition to the above also includes renunciation of sins, i.e. controlling eyes, ears, tongue, and other bodily parts from sinning and transgression.

  3. The fasting of most distinguished nobles which in addition to the renunciation of the above, also includes relinquishment of everything, be permissible or forbidden, which makes mind and conscience negligent from Allah’s remembrance.
Mirza, then states that the fasting of the noble and the distinguished nobles also varies in ranks based on the level of their piety and asceticism.

Truly, faith and piety definitely have a great effect on the fast, the person fasting, as well as the benefit one can acquire from the fasting in the Holy month of Ramadhan.